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Kid Stuff

  • Brian "Fox" Ellis put on four programs for Oakwood School students and received rave reviews from both students and staff.  He is a wonderful storyteller who captivated students with participation in stories of adventures, nature, animals and history.  We want to bring him back next year and include more schools and students to the experience of having John James Audubon in class.


  • Frog night with Randy Korb was a hugh success with over 100 participants.  Kids and parents learned about frog habitat and identifying them by their songs.  After the orientation we went out to a wetland to hear and identify the frogs.


  • "Turtle Day" was another fun experience for kids of all ages.  Randy Korb has a way of getting everyone involved and having a great time while learning about turtles.


  • Butterfly tagging had kids and parents out netting monarchs.  Randy Korb gave an orientation as to how to handle the butterflies without harming them and how register and tag them.  We tagged over 150 monarchs from one small alfalfa field.


  • Falconry was an amazing experience for over 30 participants to see a beautiful harris hawk up close and watch it fly and hunt.